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Berenars a Mallorca


Berenars a Mallorca means stopping to enjoy the time, the company and the conversation and, above all, the fact of sharing the best products from the land and the sea while sitting around a table. Twenty-one establishments from all over the island prepare some of the dishes that have made their premises famous: Llonguets [oblong-shaped bread roll], pa amb olis [bread with oil] and fork dishes such as peus de porc [pig’s trotters], llengua amb tàperes [tongue with capers], frit [typical fried dish, usually with meat and potatoes] or tripe, among others. The best excuse to explore and taste the territory and start the day with strength and energy.



Text: Marga Font

Photography: Cristina Ortega


Co-edited with SER Radio Mallorca

Language: Catalan

Number of pages: 72 four inks

Enquadernation: rustic

Dimensions: 230 x 170 mm

Publication date: 12/2020

ISBN: 978-84-96199-32-3

DL: PM 994-2020

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