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Disset Edició


Memoria del desnudo


Ensayos cubanos sobre visualidad corporal


From the gentle trap of seduction, to the punch of the grotesque, from the most hidden metaphor, to faithful and direct realism, from the white classicism of marble, to the impossible deformations of a sick body, the nude infiltrates art and all of its dilatations. It has become a tool, a language.

This book gathers the words of Cuban critics and essayists who know that the nude can expand the territories of emotions. Poetry, cinema, painting, photography, dance and theatre all investigate the nude to find the following voices: flesh, eroticism, pornography, sex… Sometimes they address the reader as if it was about the history of the undressed, and other times they are merely accounts of the extension of the body.


Coordination: Mario Espinosa


Co-edited with Collage Ediciones

Language: Spanish

Number of pages: 148 four inks

Enquadernation: rustic

Dimensions: 210 x 210 mm

Publication date: 11/2019

ISBN: 978-959-7233-37-4

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