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Disset Edició


I tu, què tens?


Today we’re talking about the family at school and Joan is worried: his hands are sweating and his legs are shaking. He is very sure that everyone will laugh at him when they find out what his family is like because his family is not like others. But Agnès’ family is not like the others either, nor is Pau’s or Sofia’s. Everyone has a very different family and everyone loves their own family very much. What’s yours like?



Text: Catalina Ferrer Nadal

Illustrations: Flavia Gargiulo Rosa


Language: Catalan

Number of pages: 24 four inks

Enquadernation: rustic

Dimensions: 290 x 190 mm

Publication date: 07/2017

ISBN: 978-84-89754-59-1

DL: PM 527-2017