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La mirada de la libèl·lula


Una visió sobre l’Educació Artística


We learn that which surprises us, and a work of art is, above all, a surprise. This book arises precisely from the desire to experience and share art as a source of pleasure, knowledge and creative inspiration.

It consists of two parts. The first is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is about art as a central theme for personal and social knowledge, and brings together the main ideas that guide the authors’ journey. The second chapter deals with teachers’ intervention. The third, about action, includes a list of didactic proposals arising from daily experience. The second part is made up of a series of twenty activities carried out with children or adults and which, from a practical perspective, illustrate and give meaning to the previous chapters.

Although it is especially meant for teachers, anyone interested in everything related to childhood, to thinking and learning, to the need to listen and express themselves, will surely enjoy reading it. It is an element of personal reflection that brings together the voices of students and colleagues with whom the authors have shared their professional experiences. The reader can find a range of possible actions and come up with a thousand and one variants that will enrich his or her own experience and desire to research and analyse what is happening, what he or she observes, and to be able to explain in different ways what he or she thinks.


Authors: Cati Sbert Rosselló and Maite Sbert Rosselló


Language: Catalan and Spanish

Number of pages: 204 four inks

Enquadernation: rustic

Dimensions: 240 x 170 mm

Publication date: 05/2017

ISBN: 978-84-89754-56-0

DL: PM 526-2017


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