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Memorias de un aristo(á)crata


Una vida antifranquista, socialista y ecologista


A disappointed socialist. Imprisoned twice by Franco, Zayas always promoted democratic socialism. He collaborated with Tierno Galván, whom he admired, but at the same time he understood that he was not a sufficiently charismatic leader. Therefore, he ended up supporting Felipe González as the new leader, later projecting him to Europe. However, everything began to collapse when Felipe’s PSOE, of which he was a member, finally came to power. It was then that Zayas saw how Felipe, dedicated to economic power, had no will to create a real European-style democracy. As a result, he distanced himself from the PSOE until he finally left the party a few years later with a hard-hitting letter addressed to Felipe, who at the time was Prime Minister of the government. Since then, he seriously regrets having missed the opportunity for socialism to make Spain an example of modern Europeanism. In his book, he expands on the reasons for this great disappointment, which for him explains why Spanish democracy was built on mediocre political foundations dominated by the economic powers.

Environmentalism is Zayas’ other great banner, which he materialises through his over-fifty-year-fight for the natural environment, culminating in the planting of more than sixty thousand trees, thus reforesting the Son Torrella estate in the Serra de Tramuntana of Majorca. The “bosc de Carlos Zayas” [the Carlos Zayas forest].

A freethinker, environmentalist and idealist, his book reflects his political and social convictions, in addition to being a harsh critique of a political system that does not, as a society and a country, depart from the major European democracies.


Author: Carlos Zayas


With the collaboration of: Javier Mato

Language: Spanish

Number of pages: 224 an ink

Enquadernation: rustic

Dimensions: 210 x 150 mm

Publication date: 02/2021

ISBN: 978-84-96199-34-7

DL: PM 00015-2021


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