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Memòria selectiva


Postals dibuixades de Mallorca al límit


What is the point of the postcard today? Is it simply a nostalgic residue or does the photographic saturation we are experiencing open up the possibility of a special graphic register to work with imaginary memories and new possibilities of tackling the landscape? This last option is the one proposed in this volume of Memòria Selectiva, all outside the margins of the box on a piece of card that is bought and sent. Playing with memory using the tool of drawing.


Today, lies have become part of the postcard. The photographs used images of hotels, beaches full of bathers, cars, souvenir sellers. Now, with the shameful overexploitation of the environment, all human traces have been removed from postcards.


The postcard, a word that strangely includes the prefix post. The word surprisingly includes its demise and immediate reconversion into something else: the post-postcard. Based on this idea, and bearing in mind that drawing is always recreation, the possibilities of mixing memories of the beginnings of tourism, variations on different themes and speculative recreation of solutions to growth from an ironic perspective are explored aesthetically, conceptually and almost always playfully. A creative look, not only strictly documentary, at the environment of Majorca.


Reflective memory, selective memory and also imaginative and playful memory.


Author: Pere Joan


Language: Catalan

Number of pages: 120 four inks

Enquadernation: hardback

Dimensions: 210 x 295 mm

Publication date: 07/2017

ISBN: 978-84-89754-78-2

DL: PM 754-2017


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