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Disset Edició


El Terror de les Nenes


13 histories de terror i un apèndix de consol


Gender Comic, 13 stories featuring women as the main characters, along with their universe and the issues that concern them. Fear, taboos, obstacles and the pressure of beauty standards are just some of the everyday terrors faced by the authors of this book. That faced by women is a terrifying confrontation far removed from the clichés, held in a terrain where what is scrutinised is analysed from a new perspective. The thirteen comic strips serve as an outlet and antidote used to smooth the tortuous and difficult road to resilience. And when the comic strip becomes the only possible means to open doors to fear, terror and anguish seem to conspire to escape through the window.



Text and Illustrations: Nivola Uyà Martín, Flavia Gargiulo Rosa, Enriqueta Llorca Sureda, Eva Barceló Marqués, Margalida Vinyes Dominguez, Pere Pau Sancho


Language: Catalan

Number of pages: 96 four inks

Enquadernation: rustic

Dimensions: 240 x 170 mm

Publication date: 10/2019

ISBN: 978-84-96199-22-4

DL: PM1208-2019


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