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Pasmados / Spellbound


A ghost haunts Max’s work: shock. This is evidenced by this extraordinary collection of drawings from different sources, which includes both unpublished and new versions, each of which is accompanied by a brief literary excerpt. Through characters and situations that range from the humorous, to the bizarre, to the enigmatic, these drawings explore the poetics of astonishment while delving into the vast territories of perplexity. All of this is presented with the good humour and masterful style of some of our most curious and least shocked sketchers.


Author: Max (Francesc Capdevila)


Language: Spanish and English

Number of pages: 88 four inks

Enquadernation: hardback

Dimensions: 320 x 220 mm

Publication date: 09/2016

ISBN: 978-84-89754-98-0

DL: PM 964-2016

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