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Receptes de cuina mallorquina


This book is pure gastronomic inspiration: you will find the recipes of eleven prestigious chefs who, based on traditional Majorcan cuisine, create avant-garde versions of dishes as emblematic as bullit d’ossos [Majorcan-style beef stew], tords amb col [thrush with cabbage], llenguado amb tumbet [sole with layers of vegetables], ensaïmada cuixent [crispy Majorcan ensaïmada], rostit humit de xot [Majorcan-style lamb stew], arròs brut de matances [rice soup with meat], aguiat de ciurons amb porcella [chickpea stew with suckling pig], conill amb ceba i escamarlans [rabbit with onion and Dublin Bay prawns], doblegat de codonyat amb sobrassada [Majorcan-style pastry with quince and sobrassada sausage] or pa amb oli amb figues [bread with oil and figs]. Also featured are the star dishes of eight well-known establishments that share their recipes for dishes of yesteryear—and of all times—such as arròs de notari [Majorcan-style broth with rice and lobster], caragols [snails], fideus de vermar [Majorcan-style ‘grape harvest’ noodles], gall de Sant Pere amb ceba [John Dory with onion], fideuà de llampuga [Majorcan-style noodles with dorado], sopes de matances [meat soup], peus de porc [pig’s trotters], greixonera d’anguiles [Majorcan-style eel dish], frit de porcella [fried suckling pig with potatoes] or Bacallà amb allioli [codfish with aioli]. Dishes by chefs who preserve the memory and culinary heritage of Majorca and invite us to enjoy the best flavours and products of our land and sea.



Text: Marga Font

Photography: Cristina Ortega


Co-edited withLanguage: Catalan

Number of pages: 184 four inks

Enquadernation: hardback

Dimensions: 200 x 200 mm

Publication date: 12/2019

ISBN: 978-84-96199-24-8

DL: PM 1472-2019

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